1. Pay agreed upon rent, by enclosing it in an envelope, writing the meeting or group name on it, and dropping it into the safe, located in the club office. Rent is due depending on the option chosen by the group/meeting:
    • Monthly fixed price meetings pay rent by first meeting of the month.
    • Percentage price meetings pay 75% of the basket after each meeting
  2. Come at least 1/2 hour before meeting time to setup and make coffee.
  3. Clean up the kitchen, lobby and meeting room after each meeting.
  4. Check for and clean up trash and cigarette butts in the designated smoking area and around the outside of the club house.
  5. Before and after each meeting, return clean cups to the members’ cup peg board or kitchen cabinet.
  6. Before and after each meeting, load the dishwasher with dirty cups, and run dishwasher if full, or wash cups by hand if dishwasher is not available.
  7. Turn off all lights.
  8. Lock all doors when you leave.